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Otto Von HapsburgSegment of Interview with Count Christian d’Andlau Hombourg, historian, financier and French politician.. Formerly PanEuropa’s Secretary General, he currently holds the Presidency of the Strasbourg jurisdiction of Paneurope. He also is the President of the Federalist Party in Alsace.

You had mentioned to me how Otto Von Hapsburg was actually responsible for the unification of Germany

Oh Yes

So I’d like you to share that because that is a major piece of history

Otto Von Hapsburg was joking when he told me that. It was not only a joke; it was also true. I remember him telling me one day. He would quite often come and visit my grandfather in our country house here in Alsace. My grandfather had been the first president of the European Agricultural Confederation in the 1960’s as I told you were a very European family. Otto Von Hapsburg liked my grandfather very much. He would sometimes spend the night after dinner in our country house. Now as a student I would drive him back to Strasbourg to the European Parliament where he was supposed to spend his day. One day in the car he looked at me and he turned his head and said, “You know the reunification of Germany was done thanks to me.”

In 1991 there was a very secret meeting at the European Parliament in Strasbourg between presidents; the French President Francois Mitterrand and the German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, on the subject of the German reunification. The French didn’t like that too much. The French would feel more secure with two separated Germanys like for instance the Japanese may feel more secure with two separated Koreas or as neighbors. So the question of the reunification of Germany was a very geopolitical one and especially seen from France.

President Francois Mitterrand did not speak one word of a foreign language except French. French was his only language he could speak. He came here to Strasbourg to meet with Helmut Kohl and tell him all the conditions he would put for an eventual reunification of Germany. Otto Von Hapsburg told me this this was so sensitive. It was such a sensitive meeting that they wouldn’t trust any official translator. Suddenly they turned to Otto Von Hapsburg and said could you please translate for us. This is a very secret and confidential subject. So Otto Von Hapsburg was made the doll matcher; the translator between German and French. He said thanks to me it was done because I did not translate to Helmut Kohl all the conditions that President Francois Mitterrand was putting on the table and I didn’t translate to Mitterrand that Kohl had said, Whether you like it or not will make it. So it was done.

That’s great, I mean that’s really great.

That was Otto Von Hapsburg He was joking but I think there might have been some truth in it.

And no one would ever have guessed or ever known so I’m glad you mentioned it during this interview. Because like I said earlier that’s a major fact in the history of the reunification

Yes certainly.

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