EU vs. US

As usual the US media is not paying attention to EU news and this includes the upcoming elections that are making news as various political groups are beginning to decide on their candidates and especially for the Commission Presidency. Most Americans have no idea of what the European Union is about and if they have heard of the EU they regard it as a regional trade group. This ignorance even exists among EU nationals, but is waning due to the many EU’s citizens programs. Some US residents are still living in the Cold era mentality and they believe the world rises and falls around the United States. They fail to understand the EU’s significance let alone pay attention to its upcoming elections and nominations or see its importance in world affairs.

Both the EU and the US are at a pivotal point in their history. The EU can only move forward. The US with its 17 trillion dollars debt, and Janet Yellen’s announcement that the Federal Reserve will continue quantitative easing, is blowing more air into a balloon that is about to pop. This move lends to the dollar’s erosion as the world’s reserve currency. What does this have to do with the European elections? If a strong enough leader is appointed by the Council to the Commission Presidency and he directs the EU forward along the federalist road-map and the EU issues its own bonds akin to US treasuries, it may cause a geopolitical tectonic shift that will permanently move the United States out of its place. At the moment the US is bringing about this shift with its runaway fiscal spending, which began with Ronald Reagan’s presidency and has since been followed by each US president. Either the US’s experiment with QE 1, 2 and 3, will create this shift when the dollar balloon pops or the next EU Commission President if he effectively strengthens the EU will make the change. When it occurs, the geopolitical tectonic shift is going to create an economic tsunami felt around the world and for the first time in history the G8 will decide on rescue plans for the US.

Americans are aware of the perils within its own economy and of the possible repercussions of the decisions being made by US leaders. Yet they are totally unaware that the EU, which they have always viewed as inferior economically and militarily and who they pay little to no attention to, is at a pivotal time in their history. They should be following the election of the next Commission president because how he directs the EU to move forward might very well bring to an end the dollar’s dominance. This ignorance stems into the media as well as writers from the major news wires do not know which presidency in the EU runs the Union. Those supposedly in the know could not accurately answer the invented Henry’s Kissinger question that became an urban legend, “Who do I call if I want to call Europe?” The president of the United States would contact the Commission President whose appointment receives little to no fanfare as other heads of State. Erroneously the media paid more attention to Herman Van Rompuy’s presidential appointment rather than when Jose Manuel Barroso stepped into position. While many grapple with and debate the Commission Presidency’s role , and ask for an increase or a decrease in its powers, I quote George Bush who while speaking on the War on Terror, gave some great guidelines for identifying subjects and it fits for those who would debate if the EU Commission President is in fact a head of State, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.”


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